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With just a few clicks you can connect with current students at colleges around the world. Message for as long as you'd like and then end the conversation to connect with another student.

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Hear real perspectives from real college students. No sales messages from paid tour guides or admissions officers. This is your chance to ask the questions you want answered.

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All of the college students on our platform have to go through a verification process to ensure that you're talking with real students.

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“Amazing initiative and platform for high-school students. Now we can talk with the students who made it to our “dream” college and get real insights on test scores, essays, etc.”

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"I started using this app and I have gotten so far along in my college process. This app allow me to be able to talk to students at colleges and give me information that put me so far ahead!" 

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"It can be hard to get a real picture of what life is like at all of these schools I've applied to, but Scope quickly helped me connect to real students and get the answers you can't find on a school's website."

"This is a great app for the college process, and very interesting! I would recommend that everyone get the app!" 

"This app makes the college process more transparent and you get advice from people that know the best tips and tricks about college: the actual students!"




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